Whip Poor Will Music Festival 2018 Schedule:

July 28th, 2018

12:30 PM-1PM Duo Duquette
1PM-4PM Big Blue World (with special guests Rob Duquette  & John Kumnick)

This roots based band from Boston, MA combines 3-part harmonies layered over rock and world beat grooves and has developed a unique sound that moves seamlessly from original reggae and psychedelic rock to West African and Cuban music. The band includes Conor O’Brien (guitar and vocals), Chris Chitouras (guitar and vocals), Keith Kirkpatrick (bass and vocals) and Frank Laurino (drums). Big Blue World just released their 2nd album, agitate d’love, available on iTunes. Some influences include Paul Simon, Fela Kuti, Bob Marley, Peter Gabriel, Buena Vista Social Club, Salif Kieta, Baaba Maal, Grateful Dead, Ali Farka Toure and Zani Diabate.

4pm-8pm Truffle

Truffle is our headliner this year. Together for over 30 years, Truffle are passionate players and entertainers who are in it for the long haul; it’s what they do and who they are! Their travels have taken them to all but ten states in the US; and now tour the New England region constantly. The ongoing list of international acts they have supported is huge: Dave Matthews Band, Little Feat, Phish, The Band, Blues Traveler,  and many others. They have released five full length albums, as well as numerous compilations.